Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments can be a very powerful and helpful tool to help individuals receive appropriate care. These assessments can help a person identify which problems to tackle in therapy (especially when they have more than one presenting concern), as well as many other real-world problems, such as whether it may be beneficial to see a doctor about medication, receive different types of therapy supports (i.e., a group), or simply continue therapy.

Testing provides a thorough documentation of the client’s history, symptom timeline, and impact on functioning. It provides a framework for addressing a client’s issues and a better understanding of how therapeutic intervention/counseling can be most helpful. The testing process can include both formal/normative tests and assessments, which are then interpreted by a licensed psychologist. Depending on the presenting concerns, a set of tests will be chosen, as well as a clinical assessment by the psychologist.

The testing process includes an initial intake session to understand the client's goals of the assessment, understand background information and provide clinical information. The following appointment(s) is focused on completing the assessment, in which any number of tests may be used. This appointment can range anywhere from two hours to six hours. Test sessions will typically be broken up into two or three-hour blocks. After also testing has been completed, a feedback session will occur in which the results of the assessment will be reviewed, a written report will be given, and recomendations/suggestions for treatment will be provided.

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